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A Word on Reading the Word

The Family of Trinity Church,

God desires that you would grow in your knowledge of the Word. He desires that you would read it, meditate upon it, memorize it, sing it, pray it, apply it, believe it, depend upon it, rest in it, and find Christ through it in every passage.

In the Word, you will find the hope of salvation, the way of salvation, the means of grace, your only way to heaven. In the Word, you will find the only reasonable defense for why you exist, why you should persist, and why you can rejoice in everything that is going on in your life.

Would you like some help and encouragement to regularly be in the Word?

This little two-year program for reading through the Scriptures is your opportunity to read through the Old Testament once and the New Testament, Psalms, and Proverbs, twice over the two-year cycle. This is totally a voluntary option for you, but it is something we want to put in your hands to encourage you to do something systematic in reading and re-reading through the scriptures.

This is the kind of program that you can use individually, as well as with your entire family. Depending on the frame of your family, you can use one or both readings each day. Heads of households might want to read one of the readings with a brief explanation or practical application for their home. The family can also use this time to pray back to God using the substance of that reading.

In addition, this provides an opportunity for us to grow in community. There may be other families who give themselves to this same discipline and you might find that others in the church are reading the same passages of the scripture with you âreat opportunities for building community exist in this (“Hey Tom, did you read that passage in Titus today? I was thinking…)

In addition to this, we would encourage you to make a habit of singing through the Cantus, singing orderly through the psalms and hymns that you are familiar with, and letting those who are musical in your family instruct the others in new psalms and hymns as we learn them as a congregation. Singing the psalms (particularly) is one way the Holy Spirit gets the Word of God into your heart. Use these wonderful means of grace the Lord has given us.

So, if you are already reading through the Bible systematically, great âo so more and more. If you need some encouragement to get started âere it is. Starting January 1, 2006, let’s begin, and the blessings of God the Father, His Son, the living Word, and the power and presence of the Holy Spirit, be upon you and yours as you do.

Dave Hatcher


Trinity Church

November - 2005