That'll Do It

I didn’t learn all my theology at once. I had to ponder over it ever more deeply, and my spiritual trials were of help to me in this, for one does not learn anything whiteout practice. This is what the spiritualists and sects lack. They don’t have the right adversary, the devil. He would teach them well. … For when Satan disputes with me whether God is gracious to me, I dare not quote the passage, ‘He who loves God will inherit the kingdom of God,’ because Satan will at once object, ‘But you have not loved God!’ Nor can I oppose this on the ground that I am a diligent reader and a preacher. The shoe doesn’t fit. I should say, rather that Jesus Christ died for me and should cite the article concerning forgiveness of sin. That will do it!

—Martin Luther

Posted on Monday, March 12, 2012 by Pastor Jerry Owen