Righteous Impatience

When I asked him about the passage in which Jeremiah cursed the day on which he had been born and suggested that such impatience was a sin, Martin Luther replied, “Sometimes one has to wake up our Lord God with such words. Otherwise he doesn’t hear. It is a case of real murmuring on the part of Jeremiah. Christ spoke in this way, ‘How long am I to be with you?’ (Mark 9:19). Moses went so far as to throw his keys at our Lord God’s feet when he asked, ‘Did I conceive all this people?’ (Num. 11:12). It can’t be otherwise. It’s annoying when one has the best of intentions but things don’t turn out well. Surely this is murmuring. I do the same, and I can’t banish the thought from my mind when I wish that I had never started [this business]. So likewise when I wish I were dead rather than witness such contempt [for the Word of God and his faithful servants]. Accordingly it is only speculative theologians who condemn such impatience and recommend patience.”

—Martin Luther, Table Talk

Posted on Wednesday, February 01, 2012 by Pastor Jerry Owen