First, a poem

As man sets out to fulfill his calling to transform the earth from its original natural state into a glorious garden-city, it is clear that he must do something. It is not enough simply to think about the changes that could be made. Real action must be taken. From the very beginning, Adam responded to the creative acts of the LORD with culturative acts of his own. First, he undertook the task of naming the animals (Gen. 2:19-20), which involved careful observation and analysis—the basis of all science. Shortly thereafter, Adam composed a brief poem extolling the virtues of his perfect companion, the woman (Gen. 2:23). Here we see the beginning of thee arts. These two pre-redemptive acts did not yet bring any alteration to the natural landscape but it was soon to come.

—David Hegemon

Posted on Wednesday, April 06, 2011 by Pastor Jerry Owen