Furnishing the New Jerusalem

Mankind’s mission to transform the earth through culture-making was radically altered—but not abandoned—by the entrance of sin into the world. The Fall made the human race rebel against God’s righteous commands, including the command to rule and work the creation. Nevertheless, fallen mankind was still capable of some culturative good. Man was now the object of God’s holy wrath. A perfect sacrifice was needed so that mankind could be reconciled to the Father. This salvation was secured through the incarnate Son of God—Jesus Christ. Man could now be restored to a state of holiness so that he could return to his calling to rule, fill, work, and keep the creation. The future hope of God’s people is eternal life on the glorious, restored New Earth, where culture will flourish without the effects of sin, and the best and most noble of human cultural artifacts will furnish the holy Jerusalem.

—David Hegeman

Posted on Wednesday, November 16, 2011 by Pastor Jerry Owen