Good Government

It seems likely, then, that human civil government is not the result of the fall of mankind but would have been necessary even in a world without sin. (Today is has the additional role of restraining sin—Rom. 13:4.) Civil government would have served as an essential infrastructural agency by which the diverse parts of God’s comprehensive culturative program could be coordinated and facilitated. Those with superior gifts and abilities to lead and plan would have governed various segments of human society so that the earth-transformative program could be completed in an excellent, God-glorifying manner. Without the effects of sin, those in leadership would never have “lorded it over” (Mark 10:42) those whom they managed, and the governed would have readily deferred to those with superior gifts and talents. Collaboration and cooperation between the different members of the community would still have been the norm; varying levels of decision-making and responsibility would have been meted out according to the level of gifting apportioned by God. Cultural and civil authorities should thus be seen as a blessing to culture-making, even now in a sinful world. Order and organization are necessary for a culture to mature and to reach the glorious potential set before it to develop the earth into a blissful garden-city.

David Hegeman

Posted on Thursday, October 13, 2011 by Pastor Jerry Owen