The World's Problem with Christianity

“I suspect that if Christians would cede two or three points then the world would be happy to leave us alone and let us fritter away our lives without them. First, the doctrine of creation must go and with it the inferred authority of the Creator. Undermining the book of Genesis is critical in this effort to rid the world of God’s Word, which was the very issue in the Garden of Eden: “Has God said?” Second, the exclusive claims of Jesus, or to put it another way, the Lordship of Jesus is intolerable. This doctrine demonstrates that the Christian faith is intolerant and, of course, they can have none of that. Perhaps He can sit at the table, but He can never be the chairman of the board. The third obnoxious thing about Christians is their doctrine of sexuality. This strikes at the very heart of the matter and is really an expression of the first two issues.” – Randy Booth

Posted on Tuesday, April 28, 2015 by Pastor Dave Hatcher