A Sermon Series on Ephesians

We have been going through a series of sermons on the book of Ephesians. As we began, we summarized the entire book of Ephesians in this simple way – Chs 1-3: What you have been freely given in Christ. Chs 4-6: What you are able to therefore do in Christ. This is the Gospel – the gracious Gospel of Jesus Christ. Being – and then Doing.

Now, Christian, you think that you know the Gospel. But you also know that you often fall into various temptations and sins. Why? At the heart of all stumbling there is the fault of not believing this truth. We refuse to fully believe all that we have been given in Christ. We fail to believe that we are fundamentally different because of Jesus Christ. You are something you never could be because of Jesus Christ. You are on a life journey you could never be on if it were not for Jesus Christ. You are in Christ and you must come to know more and more of what that means – and your faith must be strengthened, deepened, widened, to comprehend, apprehend, and trust these things to be true.

All other religious systems preach doing in order to become something. The Good News is this – you have become something – holy, righteous, blameless, spiritually-minded, truth-filled, Spirit-empowered – not because you did anything but because Someone did something for you. Receive this, believe this, and the rest becomes just filling out the details of the life that is yours in Jesus Christ. Come and receive. Come and welcome to Jesus Christ.

Posted on Friday, September 06, 2013 by Pastor Dave Hatcher