Seascape & Steel

Ideally, mankind’s culturative transformation of the earth should work in harmony with God’s original creation order. The goal…is to create a garden-city, where the beauty of man-made works and the glory of nature are wed in a mutually-enhancing whole…. Anyone who has been [to the Golden Gate Bridge] cannot help being captivated by the sheer grandeur of the natural site: the rolling golden hills spilling down to meet the vast, open ocean expanse. Against this dramatic backdrop is the bridge, reaching across the water in a graceful sweep of arcs subtly punctuated by the two slender towers. Even the bridge’s color enhances the sense of mutuality. So powerful is this marriage of seascape and steel that it becomes almost impossible, having experienced it, to conceive of the place without the bridge. Undoubtedly the opening to San Francisco Bay was beautiful in its own right before the introduction of the bridge. And the briddge, if placed in another, less spectacular site, would still be a classic. But, in bringing the two together, we are privileged to experience both in a new light, to see the innate beauty of each in a fresh, exciting way which would have eluded us if the bridge had never been built there. The Golden Gate Bridge and other remarkable examples of nature-culture collaboration…should be held up as examples of how our artifacts ought to work in harmony with nture, not destoying but enhancing God’s good creation.

—David Hegemon

Posted on Tuesday, April 19, 2011 by Pastor Jerry Owen